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Best car for teen with decent MPG?
I'm going to get my first car soon, and I have no idea where to start!

I'm looking in about $1000-3000, and i want good gas milage, i don't like wasteful gas guzzlers. But it also has to be good looking.. That's the hard part.

Could anyone help me out?
I've been looking at Jeep cherokees but i've heard they aren't the best gas-wise.

You should take a look at these:

Audi A3
Volkswagen Golf 6
Honda Civic(you cant go wrong with this one)
Hyundai i20
What parts can improve MPG in a v8 truck?
Im not looking for a 10 MPG improvement i just want to get from 14 MPG to upper teens for MPG.
Keep prayin. Even if you say pumped up the tire pressure less resistance, put in a fancy air filter. tune up fresh fluids, you probably at bet going to see a 2MPG increase in perfect conditions. Truck just dont get good gas milage. 14 and you should be pretty happy.
Teen girl cars with good mpg?
suvs too. what does everyone think about a vw cabrio convertible?
The VW Cabrio Convertible is the classic chick's car. Specially if it is white.
What is the best car for a teen driver?
I got my license and I now need to search for a car. I need a car with a good mpg. I would like it between 2000-2011. Just let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!
Subaru. They are safe.
What would be a good smallish suv for a teen?
I'm about to turn 16 and im going to need a car for less than like 5,000 dollars or so. I would like a small SUV that fits these criteria:
Airbags and pretty safe (parent's criteria)
decent off-road(i camp a ton in really remote places)
decent MPG
fairly reliable
Subaru Forester or Jeep Cherokee.
Whats the best car for a young teen to drive?
The things im looking for in a car is: good fuel mpg, NO MINIVANS, can be used with >30k miles on it, decent hp on it for merging, and GREAT CRASH TEST RATING. I prefer it to be an SUV so dont worry to much about the mpg, and i have $20,000 saved up to spend on a car.
First, good job on saving $20,000! I am also looking for my first car. Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Ford Fiesta, and Ford Focus are all very fuel efficient cars. The newer models are also very nice looking!
What is the best car for a teen guy. 10 points best answer! :)>>>>>?
Ok so I'm looking for a good car and since I'm a guy I kinda want it a little sporty looking but what is some good cars that you would recommend. I want it to be under $16,000 and very reliable also good MPG and I am looking at the ford mustang 06 but I am still open to other cars.

10 points best answer!!
If you did not have to spend 16000 dollars on the car, and would settle for an older car - I would suggest any of the Fox bodied cars. While not as fancy as the Mustang, they can be just as much fun to drive while being cheaper to insure.
If I did not already have so many cars, one that I would be looking for is a retired police (high way patrol preferred) Crown Vic. While it may take a while to fix it up, the results should be worth the effort.
What would be a good first car (fuel efficient 4 wheel drive van) for a teen?
I'm looking into a first car and I've been interested in vans for a while, because of the space and style. Unfortunately my favorites (vw buses) aren't an option because theyre so unsafe. I'm looking for a van thats 4 wheel drive, fuel efficient (about 18 mpg or higher) and maybe 1998 to 2006. Any suggestions? thanks a ton if you can help me out
It should be 4-door, 4-cyls, not sporty. I would prefer Honda or Toyota... First time drivers usually have much more expensive car insurance, and it depends from car. You should compare insurance rates while choosing the car - for example here - carquotes.sinfree.net
What is a good first car for a guy teen?
I want something that is in the price range of 4,000 to 8,000 it needs to have at least decent mileage (preferably 25+ mpg) and has to be at least decent looking and it doesn't have to be super cool looking
2003 Mazda Protege

* Price range: $6,400 to $7,400.
* Fuel mileage, city/highway: 25/30 miles per gallon.
* Engine: 2.0-liter four-cylinder, 130 horsepower.
* Interior space: room for five.
* Safety: optional side airbags, optional anti-lock brakes.
* Government safety rating: driver, five stars; passenger, four stars.

2003 Pontiac Vibe

* Price range: $6,800 to $9,000.
* Fuel mileage, city/highway: 29/36 mpg.
* Engine: 1.8-liter four-cylinder, 130 horsepower.
* Interior space: room for five.
* Safety: side airbags optional; anti-lock brakes optional.
* Government safety rating: driver and passenger, four stars.

2004 Scion xB

* Price range: $8,900 to $9,700.
* Fuel mileage, city/highway: 30/33 mpg.
* Engine: 1.5-liter four-cylinder, 108 horsepower.
* Interior space: room for four.
* Safety: no optional side airbags; anti-lock brakes standard; traction control standard.
* Government safety rating: not rated in 2004 (four stars for driver and passenger in 2006).

2003 Buick LeSabre

* Price range: $6,700 to $8,700.
* Fuel mileage, city/highway: 20/29 mpg.
* Engine: 3.8-liter V6, 205 horsepower.
* Interior space: room for six.
* Safety: standard anti-lock brakes; optional side airbags.
* Government safety rating: driver, four stars; passenger, five stars.

2003 Subaru Impreza sedan

* Price range: $7,900 to $10,600.
* Fuel mileage, city/highway: 21/27 mpg.
* Engine: 2.5-liter four-cylinder; 165 horsepower.
* Interior space: room for five.
* Safety: standard anti-lock brakes; all-wheel-drive.
* Government safety rating: not tested.
Teen How much do u spend on gas a month?
Ok if I drive to and from school (5 miles) and went out on weekends to a mall and movie (less then 10 miles away) about how much would i spend a month? Any teens here have trouble paying for gas? And if my car goes 23 MPG would I have to pay over $120 to go to school and out on some weekends? Oh and can u Teens tell me how much u pay a month?
$120 for what period of time? Each week? Each month? I'll assume you meant per month.

It's really simple math, but I'll help you out.

5 miles each way to school and back for 5 days per week is 5*2*5 = 50 miles per week.
Add a trip to the mall and to a movie, assuming they're separate trips, and that's a total of 50+10*2+10*2 = 90 miles per week.
There's an average of 4 1/3 weeks per month, so that's 90*4.333333 = 390 miles every month.

If you get 23 miles per gallon, that's 390/23 = 16.96 gallons per month. At $4 per gallon, that would cost $67.84 per month. It's a little more than half of your estimate, but it's still a lot.

Gas is expensive, and it's going to get worse. If you have a heavy foot and accelerate hard, brake hard, and drive fast, you can save a lot of money by chilling out and driving more gently. You car will last a lot longer, you'll get much better gas mileage, you're less likely to be in an accident, and you'll get to your destination in about the same amount of time.

I'm not in my teens anymore, but I don't spend anything on gas on a weekly basis. I put together an electric-assist bike and use that to get everywhere.

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