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Do some young ladies ready find older guys sexy?
Do high school,and college girl found some men who are in their 30`s and 40`s attractive?Why is it that guys found older sexy ladies more attractive than girl found men attractive for?
Idk...good question. I'm personally REALLY attracted to older guys. Just the age 37, gets me hot. haha
My friends find it really weird, and I have been like that since I was like 16. I would literally crush on my teachers and neighbors and even my friend's divorced father once. It was all a huge problem for me at that time.
I have dated guys around my age and they just seem to be so...blah. I don't know, immature? I guess it's the fact that most of them never been in love or don't have a long-term career...or maybe it's just that I have a preference that I feel strongly about. I love how wise they are and their built and hair...and just the idea knowing that they have A WHOLE lot of experience than I do--it just turns me on... Especially if they've been working on career for more than 10 years...that just shows how dedicated and hardworking they are too.

To be honest though, it's really hard considering that most guys in their 30s/40s are either married or too immature to be in a committed relationship, so it's really hard for me to date an older guy. Plus many older guys don't take younger girls like me serious...they assume they like them only for the money or something, which is very unlike many younger guys who date older girls, and actually respect them.
What is the word or term for ladies who finds older men sexy?
There is a word or term to describe the fetish of a younger person wanting to romance an much older, ( a generation or two older), person. Does any one know it?
Ladies: which older male celebrities do you find sexy?
I suppose your definition of "older" depends on your own age, but I notice a lot of the male glitterati who oddly seem to get more attractive with age. I'm in my twenties, and I feel like some sort of Electra complex in the works whenever I take note of an incongruously sexy man in his 40s-50s. Ah, what would Freud say?

Who, in your opinion, makes this list?
Man, Hugh Laurie has me going insane with his fine self. Ed Harris is not bad to look at either.
What do you think of older ladies who dress sexy ?
My girlfriend is Asian and 53 years old. She is still a size 8 and in great shape, with wonderful legs. I am really proud of her. When we go out she likes to wear short skirts and high high heels. I think she looks great, and a lot of guys seem to as well. Their wives however to give her a lot of dirty disapproving looks. Why don't these women make more effort with their own appearance instead of being hostile to someone who looks attractive ?
I love men that appreciate the women like me. Most men think I am incredibly beautiful and cannot fathom the amount of time,effort and expense it takes to maintain my beautiful appearance.
I am 39 (and holding) years old and always impeccably dressed and groomed. I'm a very petite, glamorous woman and I am very fastidious in the way I appear. I am five foot one with beautiful waist length platinum blonde hair. I watch my weight and exercise daily, maintaining weight at 93 lbs. A true beauty must diet to the extreme – I would never allow myself to weigh more than 96lbs. I have a 21-inch natural waist, and 31-inch hips. As I am so incredibly petite, I underwent implant surgery and now have a perfect set of 31DD cup breasts. My morning regime is 3 hours long, bathing, moisturizing my entire body, styling my long hair, appling elaborate makeup to my beautiful face, perfume to all my pulse points, selecting matching lingerie that will compliment today's outfit and matching accessories (shoes, purse, full jewelry-my hands and long nails are usually utterly DRENCHED in expensive diamond cocktail rings)

To assist in maintaining my appearance,I have a standing appointment to have a pedicure, manicure, hair styling, facial and a long luxurious foot massage on tuesday and thursday mornings. On saturdays, I generally spend the entire afternoon at the spa, and have a full body massage, my body professionally moisturized and perfumed, professional makeup application, in addition to my regular regime. Most men just cannot imagine the time and effort it takes to maintain ones beauty.

I absolutely love going out for an evening perfectly and elaborately made up, my long blonde hair swept into an elegant updo, an expensive and utterly revealing cocktail dress adorning my curves, a mink shawl wrapped around my shoulders, my fingers absolutely DRENCHED in diamond cocktail rings, Conversations absolutely stop when I ever so slowly stroll into a room precariously perched atop a pair of expensive, unimaginably tall, strappy stiletto sandals, the soft evening lights absolutely glimmering off my utterly luxe diamond toe jewelry and expensive anklets, My feet look so completely fragile and so incredibly elegant, The time spent aloft atop my indescribably delicate extremely, precarious stilettos must be savoured, I am the absolute center of attention as I ever so slowly float past precariously perched atop my breathtakingly magnificent heels. Men turn and admire me and pay extra attention to me,

Some women, however, make light of my total commitment to being impecably madeup, fashionably dressesd wearing fashionable, feminine stilettos. Most women just don’t understand why I put up with the slight discomfort, and the self imposed limitations to my mobility caused by my choice of footwear. As you know, stairways, escalators uneven surfaces, cracks and gaps in the sidewalk, loose carpeting, and slick flooring all are potentially dangerous obstacles that a committed heel wearer must overcome at each and every turn throughout the day. I truly am disgusted by women that don’t respect MY CHOICE of pampering myself with fashionable, feminine stilettos.
What specific clothing and accessories are sexy to ladies for 22 year old men?
I am looking for specific sunglasses? jeans? shirts? shoes? colognes? whether highlights in short hair is still in? and just a lil info about me im not really into the kinda wild shirts of ed hardy or the skull shirts i am more preppy i guess kinda but casual. i appreciate all the help ladies.
Very clean cut. ed hardy on guys older than 16 looks rather stupid. express, urban outfitters and stores like that. like v-necks and dark washed jeans
How do i meet about meeting sexy years old ladies?
i am 28 years of age i love speaking about interesting topics
Your question doesn't seem very clear. Can you reask your question and proof read before posting it.
Do you think Obama/Democrats need a sexy young hispanic girl in their team?
Republicans are using Palin ( an old sexy lady aka La Barracuda)

Feminists are exited to see a liberal woman playing the role of a conservative lady.
Let's all play with the same cards!
they have Obama girl I know she is Jewish , but she is hot like a spanish girl

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