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All Comments

Why are young men called studs yet young women sluts, and older men dirty old men and older women hot cougars?
(when they pick up a lot of people)
Media conditioning causes us to create those perceptional identity's in fear of being rejected by society's defined standard.

If a man rebukes the stud standard, he's a pussy.
If a woman rebukes the slut standard, she's a saint
If a old man rebukes cradle-snatching, he's normal.
If a older woman rebukes cougars, she's anti-feminism, a "woman hater" and is against womens sexuality.

Men dont want to be thought of as pussys, women dont want to be seen as whores, old men want to avoid negative perceptions, older women dont want to be seen as backward.

Fear fear fear.

Only the strong stand to such double standards.
If you're a man and you sleep around, you're pathetic fool that is soon to find out that theres more to life than just sex. I LOL at you when you realise this.

If you're a woman and you sleep around, I think very lowly of you and wouldnt give you the time of day.

If you're a woman and doesnt sleep around I have great respect for you and would probably chase you lol

I cant be stuffed writing the rest.
What to do with nine year old sluts?
So, this girl was IMing my friend, being mean, and my friend was like, can you help me? And I was like, sure. And the girl who was being mean was like "your a hoe." And I just told her to be nice and junk. and then she started to be really nasty so i called her a hore. lol. and she was like 'i know i am.' and i was like 'YOUR NINE!' and she was like 'So?' lmao.
so. lol. what do i do?
block her and quit IMing back..and she is obviously soo annoying ..and gross :]
Why are women viewed as sluts but men viewed as cool?
Why are girls and women viewed as sluts for having sex with older men or having sex with multiple people before marriage, but boys and men are viewed as strong, cool, and sexy if they have sex with older women or have a lot of sex? And why are women viewed as conquests by many men instead of people with feelings? It's just rude in my opinion
It's called the old Double Standard.
Do older men think young women are dumb sluts?
I was chatting with this guy on myspace who lied to me about his age, he said that he was 30 but is actually 37. I figured it out because he had the year he graduated high school on his profile and the age and the year just didn't match. I confronted him about it, he tried to deny it but later admitted it. Anyway, after that, he wrote me perverted things that he would like to do to me but I put him in his place and assured him that I wasn't that type of girl. I guess he's used to younger woman who put out easily and was disappointed that I wasn't the slut type. All he could come up with when I told him I wasn't interested was that I'm too young and too immature for him anyway. I'm 22 by the way. I think him saying that I was too young and immature was for him to save face because he was disappointed that I'm a young girl with morals and he wasn't going to just use me. We're no longer friends on myspace though I deleted him. He still wrote me after that but he got mad and blocked me because I bruised his male ego. It makes me think, are all older men interested in younger women because they think that we don't have morals and are quick to put out?
Well frankly men vary it has nothing to with age. I am 29 and my fiancee' is 46. Older men seek out younger women because they prefer our youth appeal, our inexperience but that doesn't mean they think we're sluts or stupid that comes from the man's general perception of women. I have always preferred older men for their experience. Sweetie you can't categorize a group of people with similar qualities based on your experience with one which didn't pane out the way you presumed it will that discrimination. Online hooking up is risky anyway and you just have to weave out the losers don't get discouraged when it comes to older men they do appreciate you more then the young ones. I'm not saying this in financial terms neither I'm saying in general because I actually make more then my man yet his character is genuine in comparison to my age group ya dig.
What is up with 13 year old girls posing like sluts on myspace?
omg so i had a myspace at one point ( which i deleted) and all of these gils who were my friend on myspace where like taking pictures in there bikins and like acting all slutty. I was like, what the krap???
I am a pretty girl and i have alot of friends and i was just wondering what u guys think. I mean is this normal for 13 year old girls?? seriously, pleasee answer.
I'm 14.

I think it's ******* retarded.. Why would they pose like model's and have of them have 'boyfriends'.. can you imagine they are kissing and making out at 11-13 years old already.

All I want to know is: where the hell are the parents when the picture is taken?

It turns me off when girls try to look slutty.
Is it really possible to seduce older women in such a society?
In my society cougars do not exist. Even if they are so no one knows. No one can read women's mind offcourse..... I live in asia and attracted to older women and I am not attracted to young girls. Well in my area women behave like they are angels. My society is different from west. So is it possible for me 18 years old guy to seduce 30-40 years old women in such a society or should I go in search for sluts?
It is definitely possible. Younger people do have the ability to seduce, attract older women by using their youthful looks and charm, so they would feel more self-confident, which in turn would attract the older women to the younger guys.
Why do People Dress up as sluts for halloween?
Why do teenage girls(or older- GROSS) think that they should dress up as a slut for halloween unless they already are one!!! If they do they shouldn't go out trick or treating because of all the little guys around.
I don't agree it's like a slut but if I tell you my case you might understand.
I was super skinny and got made fun of. Then I developed, or rather over-developed, when I was just past 13 and I got teased terribly for that. For years I was very sensitive about it. Then this year my friend and my cousin dared me to wear this costume to the Halloween party this last Friday, of course they were playing but it still bothered me, but I decided that yes I would accept the dare and I wore it to the party. You see it was a silver colored extreme micro-kini, I mean like really way less than any bikini.
It's like 3 tiny triangles connected with string, 2 on top with each chest and 1 on bottom with a gstring. And my head was covered with a silver robot mask, you couldn't see my face or hair. I only stayed for about an hour but dance a little with my cousin. I could see People were like wow i can't believe it what is she doing. That was all Friday night. My friend and cousin new I had been so oversensitive about how extremely endowed I was for several years and they really sort of respected me that I took control of myself and accepted the dare to wear it and with all the party.
You know I honestly believe that I will feel much more normal with myself now. I feel I accepted the challenge and shook off an old worry and things will be more normal for me now.
Does wearing eye liner make teens look like sluts?
I mostly want adult opinion but some teen opinion is fine.

I see lots of people around 14 who wear thick eye liner and I am wondering what adults think of this. I have a few friends but only one of them wears it like that. Sometimes I think other teens judge me because I am not wearing eye liner and I personally think it looks good.

My mom allows me but says that some adults will regard me as a slut and think that I am trying to look older. Is this true?
Well if you overdo your eyeliner, it won't look slutty, it acually looks tacky. Kinda like your trying to hard, or just don't care, either way, thick eye liner on anyone, young or old, just isn't nice looking. Now doing a thinner line, and smudging it a bit, makes a smokey effect, and looks sexy, and classy, I do it, and most people i know, would say doing this is just the better way. Take a look at all the hot pop stars, and see how they do it, it's more of a smudge smokey look, so on you, i think it would be acceptable, and no one will say you loook slutty, or tacky.
Is it odd for people to have feelings for older people?
Everyone keeps calling a girl at my school a slut for liking someone 10 years older. I know that's an odd age difference, even I will admit that, but my point is love works in mysterious ways and it doesn't make her slutty. Am I wrong?
When I was young I always had feelings for older guys. I used to have crushes on teachers when I was in school. They didn't know it and I didn't flirt with them or anything. I think having feelings is normal, but it's what you do with them that matters. It wasn't until I was in my 20's that I actually dated someone older. For someone to be in their teens, and dating someone older is illegal, and wrong. I hope no one takes advantage of your friend.

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