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Does anyone know where to buy cute teens bedding that is light weight?
I have the hottest room in the whole house. For my birth day next year I get to repaint and decorate. I need a light weight quilt in some cool colors, but not all that preppy neon stuff. My faveorite colors are purple black and darker blues.

This is what i have in my room:…… (blue)

Use this to design it here:…

Hope this helps!!

~Spice Monkey~
Where Can I Find Some Cute Teen Girl Clothes For A Cheap Price In NYC ? Im In My Teens And I Love Fashion .?
i wear a size 14 in womens jeans and a extra large shirt .…
I want you to show me cute teens clothes!?
Can you show me links for cute teens clothes and follow these descriptions. fave colors are green,blue,red,orange
2.No purples,pinks,yellows
3.My fave jean styles are skinny,destruction, and flare bootut jeans me cheap converse
6.have fun and I will pick a best answer too!!…
Where can I find cute teen bedding?
I am 15 years old and I am looking for new bedding for my new queen size bed. Since my parents just spent a lot on the bed they don't want to spend more than $200 on the bedding. Do you know of any places to get cute bedding for teens that is good quality, not cheesy, and is in the style of what PBteen sells? Can you please post some links? Even if they aren't what I have written I am looking for I would be open to browsing through the bedding of some links that you find cute. Thanks!
some nice ones on this site
What Are Some Cute Teen Hairstyles In Five Minutes?
I need a few 5-10 minute hairstyles for teens 13-15. I don't have much time in the morning before school, and my hair is wavy-curly, depending on the day, a few inches past my shoulders. I'm not usually focused on my hair, but this school year I want it to be different. HELP!
at night wash your hair before you go to bed and towel dry it then add some mouse and scrunch it, also try volumizing spray or a volumizing mouse, then in the morning put your head upside down and spray it with volumizing hair spray then take bobby pins and messily pin your hair starting at the crown and pin it in one section piece by piece. its adorable!!!
Where can I meet cute teen boys in my area?
Ive gone on and everything, I cant find a cute 14 year old guy anywhere. I live in Lincoln Park, NJ. Know any good dating websites for teens or something? Thanks.
your 14 you dont need a dating website..
just wait ull find someone..
-when you get your first job
-at shops with friends you might run into some
-join a youth group at a church or another group
-start going to a hobby group
How to write cute teen romance scenes without being sappy?
In my book there is a love interest, it is not a BIG part just a little sub plot.
How do i make it cute without it being so sappy?
Lol my buddy is a Twihard, and even she complains about the sappy lines. =)
put yourself in the place of character and write whatever you would want to happen to you.
i'm a writer and i use personal experiences and desires for mostly everything.
make sure to make it realistic also.
What are some good places to find cute teen girl's bedding?
I am fixing to redo my room Memphis Tigers blue on one wall and silver/grey on the other three. I want a room that is memphis tigers themed yet still looks like a cute teen room. Does anyone know any good sites like that? I want a website i can trust. Thanks!
i would highly recommend P.B. teen... they have lots of cool bedding and furniture sets that are way cool and totally for teens!!!

definetly take a look at their website!! :D
10 POINTS! Cute teens all in one swimsuits?
10 points to the person whose answer helps me most!

Basically, I'm a 14 year old girl, I fit into size 8 and I need either an all in one swimsuit that covers my back, or a tankini. I really want it to look cute!
Not a sports swimsuit or anything, just a casual one.
I'm quite pale, with brown hair and blue eyes, and I hate the colour pink. What do you think would suit me?
read about it here
open the first and fifth link
there for more info
CUTE teen bedding were can i get it?
i had a nice cute room when i lived wit my sister now i needa new room im 16 turing 17 &+ my cuz got tha same bedding that i had so i needa new one. i looked in jcp macy bed &beyond linethings// can yall hellp me?
this is my favorite website for cool bedding:…

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