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What to get as a wedding gift for a mature couple?
My 50 year-old cousin (a widower) is getting married this weekend. The bride and groom both have houses and they are combining all their "stuff" into one home. What is a good present that recognizes the sanctity of marriage and celebrates this joyous occasion, but doesn't add more clutter to an already full house?
Great ideas include : Dinner, theater sporting events or Opera tickets.
Also magazine subscriptions to things they may be interested in.
In most big cities there is a magazine about the city.That's fun.
A coupon book for the city they live in.
Flowers of the month, muffins of the month, wine of the month, Fruit, cheese , beer or movie of the month.…
What is a good wedding present for a mature couple who have lived together in their home for 4 years.?
My friend is getting married. He is 43, and she is 36. They have lived together in a house that they built for a few years now. What are some good ideas for wedding gifts?
What is their place like? Is there anything that they need? (Ie plants for the garden was a good idea)

I heard someone mention that they got a gift of a housecleaner. Now - I don't know about your friends, but I would absolutely love a gift like that!!!

I think the theatre tickets is a really good idea if they are into that. Maybe tickets to a comedy club? Depends what they are into. Even a gift voucher for a lovely restaurant would be nice.

You know them better than we do so you know what they like. Make it something personal that you know they will enjoy and it will be fine.
Wot site can i go on i am offering mature couple want somewhere 2 put caravan do garden, security etc hampshir
will loook after your business or home,security,gardening,cleaning.etc.mat… couple can supply refs.please help.
speak english man- i dont understand gibberish question
Me and my bf have been 2gether 4 seven months,we're both 15. Would ppl take us seriously as a mature couple?
I was wondering if two 15 year olds would be taken seriously as a mature and responsible couple. We treat each other good and we're also planning on waiting(u know the whole abstinence thing) till after high school or marriage.
No I would not, the reason I would not is because you two are not a mature and responsible couple. As a adult I would view you as two responsible guys who are 15. It is a good thing that you treat each other good and are planning to wait.

Please don't get me wrong it is a very good thing you are doing, but there is much more to life than treating each other good and abstinence.

What you two are doing is a very good start to a life long journey of respect, and the road to maturity.

If you were my guy I would be very happy to hear you say what you told us.

the answer "im in love with u!" gave just goes to show how low some guys maturity level really is!
Where can a mature couple go or what should we do on a first date?
I met a guy and we are going out on our first date and i have nothing other than to go to dinner and a movie. I need ideas!!
Why not go for a stroll in the park then maybe for a light lunch or coffee, or to the beach pack a picnic go to the art gallery,or some other place of interest that you both like or how about dinner and dancing?? I'm sure if you like each other you will be fine no matter what you choose it's not where you go it's about enjoying each others company .
How often does a married couple have sex? MATURE!?
How many times a week on average is a young healthy married couple have sex?
My husband works the swing shift so he leaves at noon and doesn't get home until 1am, he also has been working 10 hour days. We have sex maybe twice a week, is this average?
yeap, until he can get some more time and energy.
Mature please: What would you do if you were an older couple and you came home late and your husband?
was in bed masturbating. He had fixed supper and seemed very upset at you. He just wanted you to go away.
Just f*cking GO AWAY !!
He is jerking off at this age coz he is not satisfied with you.
At least let him do it his way.

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