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Do you like it when a girls panty line shows?
Well i have a bigg butt, lol
and my panty line ALWAYS shows
but i was wondering if guys like that?
And do Girls think that it makes you look like a Hore, or something?
Thanksss a bunch!!!!!
it just not classy... if you have that problem try wearing belts, low-rise underwear or high rise pants
What panty size girls normally wear in the Uk?
It's hard for me to find panty size 6 online.I'm not from Uk and have just come here so i'm just wondering what size girls normally wear.I can find size 8,10 and 12 which are quite big for me.I'm 22 yrs old girl.
In the UK all women have rather large ponderous booty's so you will just have to make do with those large baggy nickers over there!
How can i see panty of girls wearing jeans?
I am 24 m from india. I love to see the panties of ladies. List me various ways which help to see panty.
Like... when girl wearing jeans, try to see her back while she bends over etc......
If the panties are a different color than her jeans, you can actually buy an optical device to help filter out the dark blue to see the color of her maybe pink or white panties. Look up Spencer gifts online to find what you need.
Do girls wearing short blouses know when their back or panty is showing while sitting sown?
I had a seatmate in class sitting in front of me, I was just thinking if she knew I can see her back and panty showing. Another girl told her about it but she didn't pull her blouse low enough to cover her back.
Yes she knows and just doesn't care. In fact, that may be part of the picture she wants. Just like girls dont' care if their bra straps show, some even plan them to show like it's part of their outfits.
What movie has blonde transvestite that still has balls while smelling a girls panty and quickly discards it?
he/she is in a physical education department.
I think that's in Scary Movie...

Go to 8:12 :…
Do girls really wear thongs to prevent panty lines?
Isn't it just as easy to see the top band of a thong through tight thin fabric? What happened to "underalls"? And if girls are so concerned with panty lines showing - why don't they worry about their thongs showing when they sit or bend over?
I've tried to wear thongs...just can't do it! I can't stand that little string up my @$$ all day! I work with a lady that wears them and she loves them, however myself and other co-workers get tired of seeing her thong strap above her low rise jeans.
What's the deal with girls and panty lines and what exactly are panty lines?
My gf said she was fighting panty lines in tight sweat pants I'm pretty sure I know what panty lines are I just want to be 100 percent sure
panty lines are the little marks/lines that you can see through a piece of clothing i.e. sweats. girls get rid of these by wearing thongs. :)

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