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Where are the GAY NUDE BEACHES ??? For Men?
The other day my friend took me to a nude beach for Lesbians. There was only one gay man there
and 33 women (lesbians) I think it was some kind of group or something. Obviously my friend took the wrong turn. He was told by a heterosexual acquintance that there is a GAY NUDE BEACH out hear in California for men, but he does not know where. Please respond as soon as possible we would like to go join our brothers in the sun, tomorrow or next weekend.
(rolling eyes at other answers) At most nude beaches there'l be an area "claimed" i guess to be for gays. I don't know for sure the specifics on criteria, just wander I suppose. The more fewer women you see, and the more friendly the guys are.. Am into nudism, and hetero, but have noticed the trend in certain areas. The advice came from a fellow who soon realized I was'nt interested. T'was advice on where NOT to go in my case, but may be helpful to you. Just be safe about it, there's nasty bugs at the beach.
Asking all gay men about nude beaches.?
Tell me guys. I been wanting to try a nude beach. But I am nervous about it. How do you keep not having a erection?
Tell me what is your worse experience at the the nude beach.
How do you feel about being there and whats going through
your mind?
Ive never really had any bad experiences with being at a nude beach, its very liberating.

You can always take it easy first, and wear clothes your first time or so, and see how you feel.

I went to hanover in miami, and it was one of the best experiences of my life, so much fun.

If you do get an erection, its not a huge deal, it happens, as long as your not overtly sexual dont worry about it, just try it and have fun;)
How come men (gay, straight, bi, etc) in the U.S dont carouse nude?
I mean in Europe or Australia, guys get drunk and naked all the time, some even go to bathhouses. It just for fun or humor there is nothing sexual about it, i know men used to be like that in the U.S decades ago. but why are guys not like that now?

Keep in mind not all bath houses are used for sex, some people just go their to socialize.

I mean guys, who do it for fun, there is no sexual element involved, it would be like just hanging out with your friends but naked.
As progressive as Americans like to believe they are, the truth is that they are shockingly repressed and hypocritically puritanical in their views concerning nudity and sex. Most Americans are unable to differentiate between nudity and sexuality, and assume that one automatically means the other.
Gay men, what is your reaction to seeing an erotic image of a nude woman?
do you cringe in disgust?
i would find it kinda gross, i mean objectively i can look and understand that others find it attractive but sexually it does nothing for me in any way.
I want to be a gay bear man nude model?
I need money badly and I'm desperate. I want to know where you would go to get into that business. I'm 21 fat and hairy.
What would you call a straight guy who likes to flirt with gay men?
I myself don't find male bodies sexually attractive but I definitely get aroused by female bodies. However,I enjoy the gaze and admiration of gay or bisexual men. I find their drooling over me and also their hitting on me a big turn-on. I might even like some guy doing some foreplays on me, but usually just limited to things like kissing in lips or caressing. But I would not like the actual nude sex.
Can I be bisexual without finding male bodies attractive at all?
Yes. You can be attracted to a person rather than just the physical body.
Should I tell my wife that I want to join a nude men's yoga group?
I have been interested in learning about the benefits of practicing nude yoga. I have been practicing it at home in the nude for a year now. On line I have read about nude yoga groups practicing in a heated room and I would like to do it. These groups are generally filled with men. I'm not sure if I should give my wife all the details of what I want to do. I'm not gay. But I like the idea of being nude with other men.
I personally would LMAO if hubby told me he wanted to do that. The thought of having flapping penises all over the place while "stretching" is hilarious and gross all at once.

To each his own, i guess. Honesty is best in most cases but you may want to keep this one to yourself...

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