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All Comments

Gay Comics?
do any of u guys know any free gay comic websites?
download your hearts desire from :-D
What are some good gay web-comics or web comics about gay characters?
I would just like a nice, well-drawn web-comic about gay men. It doesn't have to necessarily be erotic, but erotic is good too!
Also, I read one called Closet Coon, I guess gay web-comics with gay characters as animals are nice too.
Thanks :)
YU + ME: Dream is a webcomic mainly about a teenaged lesbian, but there are two prominent gay male characters in it. This one is more about dealing with being a homosexual at a Catholic school with conservative homes, though it's also just fun.
Can a man be arrested for having yaoi (Gay) comics at home? for his personal use?
I heard that a guy was arrested cause some of his Gay Japanese Comics (Yaoi) were allegady showing pics of age people in sexual situations.
keep it hidden in the closet, and you'll be fine

btw...that man was released after the courts determined that cartoons do not constitute guy pornography; i'm pretty sure that happened in the UK
Where can i find free gay furry yiff comics?
Hello, i just woundered where i can find some good free Gay Furry Yiff Comics? (sites) not (SoFurry)
Not my cup of tea.
Still these review sites might help, some will actually note the nature of the comics reviewed:………………

What is wrong with sofurry?
Is there any good Gay Furry Vids or games or comics out there?
Yeah i knwo its weird... but hey the world is... so.. can ya'll help me, Do any one. know of any good Gay Furry Either Vids or games or Comics?
Well meh favorite fur comic (gay) was "Furpiled" you can read it on google

N for vids... I don't know any that are not yiff rated... But if so try yiff under google n like for yiff sL Part 1... I liked it ^^
Where can I download dad-son (gay) comics?
I've been searching for dad-son black and white comics for download. I keep on getting only certain pages from stories rather than having the entire comic book. Thank you
.....that's a sick fantasy.
Who thinks Archie Comics should go gay?
I heard on the news that archie comics are inviting a gay guy to Riverdale, named Kevin! Do you think they should?
I personaly like Archie comics...I dont think that they can get any worse , even if they put a gay guy in it...
Itll probably just get more funny!!
So the Archie comics are going to introduce a gay character this fall, Kevin. What say all of you ?
I just heard this on the news and it is about time. I mean more than 10% of our population is gay and all aspects of life should reflect this. But in a comic book? What do you think?
well its time the world accepted it you know.......i mean there is nothing wrong.......... so i think introduction of gay in comics is fine.
What do you think of gay characters being introduced in comics?
I have a gay friend who is against it. He says it's an attempt to project gays as part of a surreal world, like superheroes and stuff.
Wow, so many homophobic people.

Um I think it's a great idea! I'm not sure why attempting to project homosexual people as part of a surreal world is bad thing, cause heterosexual people are portrayed in the surreal world too, right? So far, american comics have no representations of gay superheroes, so why not be the first? If you draw and write it right, then it won't be like homosexual people are surreal and fake, not existing in the real world, but more like we're finally recognizing there are homosexual people in the world and they have a right to be represented in all works of literature, art, etc. =D
Where can i download gay bear comics?
im looking for some hardcore xxx bear comics, where can i find some?
I'm going to agree with the previous answer... Thats F'd up

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