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Does anyone have any good female masturbation tips?
I can use anything I just need some good tips.
I would reccommend that you take your time and figure it out. It's great that you are masterbating. It's completely healthy and natural.

It's a great stress reliever, and for guys it reduces the chances of prostate cancer.

I'd take a look at www.masterbation-forum.com
Do you have any tips for female masturbation?
I want some good tips for female masturbation, I only want to use fingers and water though, any tips?
Go to the bathroom. Slowly undress yourself in front of the mirror while caressing your body as you do so. I'd suggest bringing ice-cubes with you as it adds to the experience. Once your top is off, rub your breasts with ice-cubes and gently pinch your nipples. Run the ice-cubes down to your inner thighs and take off your panties. Squat down and continue rubbing yourself with ice without touching your girl parts. While doing that, fantasize about something that turns you on.
Once you're completely turned on, stick an ice-cube in your vagina (unless it feels uncomfortable) and/or your anus. Let the sensation overwhelm you for a moment. Next, get into the bathtub and turn on the water. What you do from here is your choice. You can finger your vagina with one hand and stretch your lips to make sure the water hits the right spot with another. You could opt for anal stimulation. Or your could pinch and roll your nipples while the water does its job.
I'd suggest teasing yourself by stopping right before you orgasm. Take an ice-cube and caress your body for one minute. Then, go back to stimulating your clitoris again.
Have fun.
20 years old and asking for female masturbation tips =)?
I am 20 years old and a female and i do have a boyfriend and we do have sex but sometimes i get so horny and hes not here i want to know if any females and any good exciting masturbating tips for me please no rude comments.
Call me and please let me help you, PLEASE.
Female Masturbation tips and techniques?
Hiya i need some help with female masturbation. I am a teen and obviously female. i cant buy toys or have IT. Rubbing my cilt doesnt work, nor doing stuuf in the bath like running water on my cilt. humping my pillow works really well, but im looking for some more ideas. when you give ideas could you please explain how to do it? thanks :)
Hey u must finger upto ur G point and insert more n more fingers as u can and rub ur clit fastly.U must find ur G point and finger upto it....it ll be pleasures.If u cant buy toys rhn u cn find at ur homes like candle,vegetables like brinjal,carrots, etc....
If u got satisfied with my answer pls reply me at"parmarvhv@gmail.com" i ll wait for ur reply....
Female Masturbation tips?
does anyone have any tips on female masturbation techniques? I have tried the electric toothbrush and the water jets, but Im getting bored and its just not doing it for me anymore. Any suggestions?
Champagne bottle???
Try a penis...I think they form some kind of function.
Female Masturbation tips please help ?
I am A female and I have never had an orgasim, Never have I had one during sex or by my self, how can I make my self have an amazing orgasim? what are some other things that I can use to masturbate with besides my fingers?

please help me with some tips and ideas =]
Hi..just read your question.. There are lots of things to do and use to masturbate with and to have many orgasms! It really depends on what you enjoy the most.. do you like and enjoy penetration? the use of fingers, toys, dildos etc? or do you enjoy more clitoral stimulation or rubbing your clitoris until you may reach orgasm? Why don't you write me to my email and I'll give you detailed instructions on how to do it and what to use. I'm pretty experienced and I LOVE to teach what I know specially when it comes to this type of activity.

What also helps is to get in the mood, read some erotica, view some if you enjoy that, take nice warm bath before going to bed, maybe a couple of candles in your room to get you into the mood.. all those things can help and of course fantasize.. about any guy that you may like, or a stranger you saw in the store/movies etc.. perhaps there is a movie star you like? Let your imagination run wild as you touch and rub yourself.. think of a few guys just watching you rub yourself and how much you would like to turn them on.. I think it's so hot to see a beautiful girl/woman masturbate! Enjoy yourself!
Tips on female masturbation and wildest experiences?
Hey girls, I just masturbated for the first time today and I loved it. XD Can anyone give me some masturbational tips and some of their best/wildest/pleasing experiences. Ur answers are appreciated!
congraaatts, feeels amazing right?
well theres different things your can try.
you can use fingers, vibrators, the shower head, ect.
but its nothing compared to haveing another girl eat you out.
useing 4 fingers, would be my most pleasing time yet.
have funn(;
I was wondering if anyone had any good female masturbation tips & techniques using everyday household objects?
I'm getting a little bored with just using my fingers. Any advice would be great!
To excite the clitoris:
Anything that vibrates (within reason) should do the trick: handheld massager, electric razor (please keep the lid on it though), etc.
Also one of those hand held shower heads are awesome or if you dont have one you can lay in the bathtub with your clitoris under the faucet and turn it on.
To masturbate:
Get a vibrator or use the fruit and veggie idea.
Make sure you let your husband watch if he is there...itll lead into some pretty amazing sex afterwards.

Let you husband get you off
Any good female masturbation tips?
i just want to use my fingers so what can i do to get a great orgasm?
Fingers. They're the old standby, and they work. Focus on your clit--experiment with different speeds and pressures. Start by rubbing lying on your back, and then try lying on your stomach and grinding your hips to rub against your fingers. Experiment!

An easy tip to intensify your orgasm is to apply pressure about 3 inches below your belly button with your fingers to help blood circulation into your vagina for about 60 seconds, and then while you rub your clit, flex your abdomen and thighs. It really makes your orgasm really amazing!
Please share any female masturbation tips..?
I've tried a few things, including insertion, but nothing seems to really 'do it' for me. I was wondering if anyone could share any tips or techniques that you use. That'd be amazing! Thank you!
I usually go on to a site that starts to make me feel horny like a sex chat line, and then i feel wet so i stick my vibrator just where it feels good and if that ain't good enough i'll start going really hard with my dildo but i've got used to the big size so i use my hairbrush instead now. If you're just starting try tampon applicators they worked for me.

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