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Where can i find good free porn?
it has to be about lesbians, big ****, ebony, asian, latinas, solo, no *****.
How about www.xtube.com?

Seems worth a try.
WCW Television Championship Tournament Round 1 (WILL TAKE A WHILE)?
All superstars are in their prime, includes every past champ

Angelo Mosca vs Rufus R. Jones
Danny Miller vs The Z-Man
Johnny B. Badd vs Prince Iauke
Sweet Ebony Diamond vs Jos LeDuc
Mr.Wrestling vs Bad Leroy Brown
Dick Slater vs Nikita Koloff
Barry Windgate vs Bobby Eaton
Larry Zbyszo vs Renegade
Barry Von Rasche vs Ivan Koloff
Paul Jones vs Johnny Weaver
Lord Steven Regal (William Regal) vs Finlay
Mike Rotundo vs Tully Blanchard
Paul Orndoff vs Rowdy Roddy Piper
Jimmy Valiant vs Perry Saturn
Ron Bass vs Lex Luger
Greg Valentine vs Alex Wright
Ultimo Dragon vs Disco Inferno
Rick Steiner vs Scott Steiner
Arn Anderson vs Dusty Rhodes
Rick "The Model" Martell vs Ricky Steamboat
Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Stevie Ray
Konnan vs Diamond Dallas Page
Mark Youngblood vs Demolition Ax
Great Kabuki vs Great Muta
Ric Flair vs Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho (1 Fall Submission)
Scott Hall vs Sting
Stone Cold vs Booker T
Angelo Mosca
The Z-Man
Johnny B. Badd
Jos LeDuc
Bad Leroy Brown
Nikita Koloff
Barry Windgate
Larry Zbyszo
Ivan Koloff
Johnny Weaver
Fit Finlay
Tully Blanchard
Rowdy Roddy Piper
Jimmy Valiant
Lex Luger
Greg Valentine
Ultimo Dragon
Scott Steiner
Dusty Rhodes
Ricky Steamboat
Stevie Ray
Demolition Ax
Great Muta
Ric Flair
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Need as many synonyms for male genitals as possible.?
Don't give many obvious ones, I prob already have them. I have:
$5 Foot-long
[Insert Name Here] Jr.
Aaron’s Staff
Adam, the Old
Albino Cave-Dweller
Artist’s Brush
Arm (Baby-Arm, Short-Arm, Small-Arm
Baseball Bat
Big D
Big Man on Campus
Bob Dole
Buck-Fifty (Minus the Fifty) $1.50 -.50
Bush-Beater (Bush-Whacker)
Chocolate Bar (Ebony)
Chode (Michael)
Cream Cannon
Deep-v Diver
Dingus (Dingus)
Easy Rider
Groin Ferret
Hot Dog
Inside-out Vagina
John Thomas
Magical Wand
Major Big
Meat Thermometer
Moisture-and-Heat-Seeking Monster of Love
My Body’s Captain
One-Eyed Trouser Snake
Onion (see Chode)
Penes (Plural of Above)
Pink Oboe
Pocket Monster (Pokèmon [Creature in your pants])
Pork hammer
Purple-Helmeted Warrior
Rough Rider
Sausage (Sausage Roll)
Sperm Factory
The Incredible Hulk
Third Leg
Tootsie-Roll (Ebony)
Wang, Wong
Washington Monument
Wife’s Best Friend
Yankee Doodle
Yogurt Gun
Almond Rock
Spunk Dribbler
Main Vein
Crank (ex. Yank my Crank)
Auld Hornie
Smegma Hydrant
Danny Aielo
Baloney Pony
Mister Winky
Was this Violin a good find or a waste of time?
My daughter has become more serious about playing (3 years now) and needed something better than what I bought from an ebay instrument power seller. Her teacher said the one I bought isn't really good for serious students.
I don't know anything about violins, so back to ebay I went. But this time I wanted to purchase from an individual, not a music store that mass produces junk. I found a Dick Cozart custom made hand carved violin with a queen head carved on the scroll. It is full size and the inside label says "Custom made for Reid and Son Violin co. Hand carved . Copy of 1726 Stradivarous." It has rosewood fitting with ebony fingerboard and spruce top, tiger flammed back sides and neck. I couldn't find any info on Dick Cozart who made the violin. Can anyone tell me if I've made another bad decision or if this is a good buy? The seller said it retails at $1800, but I can't find anything on 'Dick Cozart' to verify such a claim. Thank you.
Buying a $1000+ violin that your daughter doesn't like is bad for everyone except Dick Cozart (btw, some violin makers don't advertise their name on the web). Your daughter must absolutely love the violin because playing on a crummy will eventually lead to quitting.
I suggest that you buy a violin from a luthier nearby. Online companies offer only words, and when $1800 is on the line, words don't suffice. If this Dick Cozart is reputable, luthiers will know him (the violin-making community is quite small), and even brag about knowing him.
Do we need a crackdown on stupid names?
I am getting so sick of hearing 'original' names that are, quite frankly, awful and ever so tacky!

I really think we do need to cut this out as there will be a generation of guyren who sound like they are the offspring of a drunken celebrity.

Can you see little MacKenzie Denim as a doctor, or Ebony Rayne Latoya as a solicitor?

I am glad we have moved away from every guy being called Tom, Dick and Harry but the spellings are the worse part! If you do insist on calling your daughter Rayne, what's wrong with Rain??

Am I on my own here??
Kids grow into their names. Now I really think the judge who disallowed parents to name their guy "Tallulah Does the Hula From Hawaii" was spot-on, but normally a name will not prohibit a guy from becoming a great adult - only their parents, peers or they themselves can. A name can't make them great, either. Only they themselves, with the help of parents and peers, can.

That said, I do really hate certain names and certain purposeful misspellings. Like this Xanga mom who named her guys "Anakin" and "Jacen." First of all, Anakin? Poor little guy. And Jacen - it just looks like his mother didn't know how to spell "Jason." Hopefully my theory is correct and they will rise above their stupid names and become great community contributors.
What do you think about this?
Okay.For awhile ive been suffering from hocd.All my life a I thought i was straight.im 13.I reember i was specifically not attracted to men becausethey had nothing like *** or ****.I think i may be bi because after a year of this bullshit i told someone.i seemed tohave developed this fetish for feet and cock being jerked.is that normal.i personally think its gay but i dont think it nessaarilymakes me gay.im not afraid to admit i might be bi because i really dont give a **** about what other people think about it.its just that i was kind of a homophobe before.im also somewhat attracted tomuscular thighs but they dont really turn me on and give me erection.when i imagine having sex with a dude i dont get a ***** becuase thats ******* nasty shyt and i get hard off of girls.i mostly lyk women and i have a fetish for ebony.so, fellow americans, my question is, does this make me bi gay or bicurious or straight with a cock fetish.i wont let anything you guys say get to me permeanately because alot of you are internet tough guys who jus lyk to **** with people and i have ocd so anything you say will really cling to my brain so be careful because i might think about it for the next year.im ot attracted to boys in school.i feel lyk i may be losing my attraction for girls but i know thats border line impossible and its jsu my ocd.anyway is it normal to have a fetish for jerked cock because it started when i began jerking off which im about to do later and when i checked out some tranny porn the other day.its really confusing though because the idea of sticking my dick up a man with a nice *** like batista jus doesnt apeal to me.neither does me giving him oral handjob or anything.if i imagine a dude jerking i can get off on that.i do think thats extremely gay i will admit it i might be bi but if you think so jus tell me staright up im 13 and i act 87 so ill try my best to handle the truth.I CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH.its jus so confusing.sex with a man jus doesnt appeal to me but i admire the body.i think some other guys may have this too but theyre not open about it because boys in my school do really gay things lyk tea bagging saying they lyk balls and other ****.some boy walked up to me today and was jus lyk i lyk ball do you lyk balls.h emighta jus been joking but i hope not because i hate to feel alone.any tell me what you think.
Well based on what you posted, I think you just have a foot fetish and like hand jobs.

Foot fetish is really common, although some men won't admit it. Are you attracted to female feet in high heels, or that are well taken care off? Do you get an erection off of that? If so, nothing to be worried about. After breats, and asses, legs and feet are the most common arousal features of the girl.

And about penises turn you on when they are jerked, it just seems you like hand jobs. You said it yourself that you don't get an erection of having sex with guys. If this is the case, then your not gay because if you were, you would get an erection, and not think it was nasty.

I'm no sex therapist but I just think you have foot fetish (which is nothing to be worried about, same thing as having an admiration of *** or breats) and a thing for hand jobs.

O, on a side note, masturbation to transexuals doesn't make you gay. Shemales (as what they are called in the porn scene) are targeted to straight man. Think of it this way..guys like girl on girl action correct? Shemale on female is just girl on girl, with 1 girl having a strap on dildo.

Besides, Shemales are as feminine as girls, and if transexuals are your thing, then you would be attracted to a "girl" not a guy.

Hope I helped.
What is the likelihood of these things happening?
Tom Brady wearing nothing but uggs
dick butkus not getting made fun of because of his name
Joe montana wearing shape ups
Peyton Manning pole dancing
LT breaking your leg
Eli Manning not using his citizens watch
Ray Lewis stabbing someone
mcnabb eating a mcrib
andre johnson beating someone else up
mark sanchez not eatting burritos
bob sanders not being hurt
clay matthews cutting his hair
marshall faulk giving kurt warner a cookie
sam bradford driving a ford ram
chad ochocinco realizing that ochocinco is not 85 in spanish
terell owens not loving himself
the t.ocho show getting cancelled
chris collinsworth making sense
randy moss becoming relavant again
big ben not rapeing people
hines ward buying ketchup
brett favre and Jenn sterger getting together
ryan fitzpatrick shaving his beard
Joe namath not wearing panty hose
edgar allan poe watching the ravens play
carsan plamer getting another job
Rob ryan really being rex ryan with a wig
mario williams dressing up as super mario
Maurice Jones-Drew getting taller
the New England pats stop hiring migets
chris johnson getting rid of his grill
steve johnson catching a crucial TD pass
Santonio holmes meeting sherlock holmes
mcdaniels eatting a mcmuffin
matt cassel building a castle
richard seymour punching tom brady
the chargers winning at the beginning of the season
jay cutler not getting sacked
the lions actually being a winning football team
Aaron Rodgers being uncool
Green Bay fans stop wearing cheese hats
brett favre retiring
matt ryan losing at home
carolina not being laughed at
drew brees getting that thing taken off his face
reggie bush getting his heisman back
ivory getting another running back named ebony
pirates invading tampa bay
josh freeman shaving his fro
tony romo not being a homo
miles austin getting back with a kardashian
andy reid laying off the cake
derek anderson not being stupid in a press conference
matt hasselbeck growing hair
your questions are usually stupid, with this one being no exception, but the part about rob ryan being rex ryan with a wig on made me laugh because I thought the same thing lmao
Ok, I'm bored...so when it comes 2 Y!A do you

1. Thumb up and down answers...what sort of answers to you thumb up or down?

2. Add contacts...what does it take to become a contact?

3. Answer troll q's...do you give serious, sarcastic or 'ur a dick' answers?

4. Ask q's...what do you ask about?

5. What q's are your favourite to answer?

6. What other categories do you go 2 and why?



1. I don't usually, I thumb down advertising and thumb up smart alecs.

2. I add people I see here often and like their answers

3. Sometimes, I usually give sarcastic answers

4. I ask alt of q's about Ebony, and throw a Poll or Survey in here and there

5. The Surveys, I'm sck of answering normal q's lol

6. Usually just NB&B, and I like the parenting section 2, and the poll and surveys section
1. Thumb up and down answers...what sort of answers to you thumb up or down? I thumb up answers I like -- I thumb down people that give false information. I thumb down and report certain trolls around here too.

2. Add contacts...what does it take to become a contact? if I like their answers. I like funny people too, I add funny people.

3. Answer troll q's...do you give serious, sarcastic or 'ur a dick' answers? depends on my mood. never serious answers, but half and half on the sarcasm and you're an *** answers :)

4. Ask q's...what do you ask about? what my son is going through. I should ask more fun questions.

5. What q's are your favourite to answer? breast feeding questions, troll questions. NOT questions about 'should I let my 2 week old CIO,' or 'should I put rice cereal in my 6 week olds bottle to make him sleep better?' SERIOUSLY? I answer those rudely too :)

6. What other categories do you go 2 and why? I sometimes go to weddings, but they're all idiots over there. i-d-i-o-t-s. sometimes parenting, sometimes the craft section or whatever. I rarely answer though, I just read questions.
An interesting idea for a porn site...?
i recently thought about the online porn industry. i was wondering how much a success a 99 cent porn site would have. im talking 99 cents gets you a clip of porn (dont know how long yet) and you watch it there or download it right to your computer (im not sure how porn sites work when you use your credit card). you sign up with your credit card and just buy clips whenever. and the site would have all different types of porn too. gay, bondage, transexual, big ****, big *****, huge *** shots, ebony, etc. im only in high school but i am in a program where i work with cameras, lights, and editing every day (final cut pro ftw).

so if such a porn site was real basically i want to know if you would spend your money there? do you think its a good idea?
Jeff, you need to get out more.

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