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What are some good video games for a college girl?
My granddaughter is away at a university, and she loves video games. I know she has a playstation 3 with that guitar game and some other one. What are some other good video games that i could buy her?
Hi there,
For sure there is a really nice game out."Little Big Planet"
It does not have any limits about any age.
a guy loves paling it.a teenager loves to old person does too.
In last word it is excellent.
Also i saw the first answer to your question too by "kira" ,don't buy does shooting games for her .those ones are just shooting games,i guess they are not suitable for your granddaughter .I have played all of those.I am sure.
College girl neighbor to me sometimes visit my house for internet and in my absence always visit to P O R N?
College girl who is my neighbor sometimes visit my house to use internet and in my and my wife’s absence always visit to P O R N web sites and download adult videos. How should I react with her. Should I ask her for relations or ignore
send her over to my house
How long should College Recruitment videos be (for sports)?
For soccer, I'm a girl. How long should the edited version that I send out to coaches be?
About 5 minutes, any longer and they will lose interest, remember, they have lots of videos to look at...
Youtube Video of two college girls rapping about proper English?
I remember watching it on youtube and now I can't find it! Perhaps someone here knows it and could direct me to it.
There are 3 different things you can do to try and find a
video that you have previously seen. Not only that, you
can make your results appear either: 1) in alphabetical
order, 2) in chronological order or 3) in photo thumbnail

ALPHABETICALLY (tons of results):
highlight the URL address bar on top, then simply type
in the word "youtube". From those results, you will see:
-- every YouTube address you typed
-- every YouTube channel you visited
-- every YouTube video you watched
but it will be ugly YouTube code like "v=Ab1Cd2eF3Gh".

CHRONOLOGICALLY (many results):
simply click on your internet browser's "History" button
or tap "CTRL" and the letter "H" on your keyboard, and
you will get a daily list of every website which you have
visited. Every YouTube video will be mixed in with all of
the different websites, but it'll actually be easier for you
to find what you're looking for -- because everything will
be displayed in "plain" English. And because each and
every YouTube video is in fact its own website, you will
also be able to see the full title of each video.

PHOTO THUMBNAIL (few results):
at the top right of just about every YouTube page is the
name "QuickList". Click on that, and then after you are
on the new page, click on "History" immediately below
the highlighted grey bar. You will see thumbnails of the
most recent videos you have viewed, but only the most
recent. That is because every time that you open / exit
YouTube, everything vanishes, and starts all over again.

Believe it or not, you can see your YouTube "QuickList"
and "viewing history" from right here within Yahoo. Just
click on my links below, and they'll take you directly to
"YOUR VERY OWN" histories. (YouTube may first ask
you to 'sign in' with your username and your password):

I hope that my multiple answer is a little helpful for you.
What is the commercial for a beauty college where the girl says, "I look good, I feel good..."?
I saw this commercial in Las Vegas about a year ago and made fun of it all the time. The lady looked like a robot, totally staged for the commercial. It might have been something like the Euphoria Institute or something like that. Please paste the link for the video if you can find it.
hey ,

Try this web-site :

They offer the largest database of universities and colleges.

I'm sure this will help you
College recruiting: videos a good idea?
I'm only a Sophomore but I'm trying to start early in the college recruiting process. A Senior on my volleyball team last year is playing volleyball on her college team this year. She got recruited and is the only one out of her club team and my high school Varsity team that is playing at the college level. Her mom was at all of our games video taping her. Also recently on You Tube I've been lots of videos of girls showing off their volleyball skills (serving, passing, hitting, games, interviews) in order to be recruited for college play. Is this a good idea? I've also seen websites totally devoted to a player (example: and her playing abilities. Should I get my parents to film my games? My skills? Interview me? Should I make a website? And if so, how do I do this? Will it help me have a better chance of getting recruited to play volleyball in college?
I would go to the NCAA web site below and read about recruiting.
You have a great idea. Have your parents film you at matches. Film you at practices. Do a very short interview at the start of the film. Put together a video for Youtube of 5 minutes or less. If the colleges want more, have a video of about 30 minutes or less ready to mail to them.
Start going on the college web sites where you would like to go. Many of them have forms to fill out online to tell them you are interested. That will start the process. And as a sophomore, you are actually almost late in getting started. Start right away. Colleges will want to see you play this spring at your club tournaments. The college coaches start looking at players as soon as their freshman year. I was in Dallas at the girl's JO's. There were about 20 college coaches at a 15's match watching a STRONG player that was 15 or younger. And I am talking college coaches from the Big 12 and others.

Edited later-I would recommend registering with the NCAA even though you might not be interested in an NCAA school. You may want to go to a NAIA or NJCAA school which are not governed by the NCAA. It will not hurt. You will not have to have taken the tests yet, but you can go back later and register them.
Who is this girl from this college humor video?
h t t p :// w w w. youtube. com/ watch?v =40npOyt_q BA&fea ture= channel

just remove the spaces
i don't know her
A cute girl neighbor to me sometimes visit my house for internet and in my absence visit to S E X sites?
A cute College girl who is my neighbor sometimes visit my house to use internet and in my and my wife’s absence always visit to P O R N web sites and download adult videos to her pen drive. I have decided to ask for s e x to fulfill her desire. Please advice.
NO! Don't do that. Talk to her and tell her that she can no longer use your internet. What you are thinking about is wrong, just don't let her in your house anymore and that's it. Your wife doesn't deserve that from you. Take care:)
What's a good gaming platform for college (girl)?
I want to play more video games when I start college in the fall. Since I'm a girl, I don't want to have to depend on finding a friend who has a gaming system because either most girls likely won't have them, or guys will be too competitive/prefer FPS games.

I like classic large world kinds of stuff - Mario, Zelda, Sonic, and I've heard about Okami, maybe a few racing games....that style of game seems most attractive to me. Cooperative but not cut-throat, try-to-shoot-you-in-the-head-all-the-tim… games. Multiplayer games are fine, but solo play games are obviously a must. What game system would work best for me? (Any price ranges or game suggestions are also appreciated.)
Maybe the Wii would be the best choice for you as you seem to be a more casual gamer. And since you like Mario, Zelda, and those kinds of games I don't think you would be disappointed with the selections the Wii has. The Wii is more for a casual or family audience. Hope that helped and happy gaming! =P

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