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Butt Licking?
My kittens are only about 5 months old, and lately the male (Lighting) has started licking the female's (Thunder) butt and what looks like mounting her. She doesn't let him and like meows real loud if he tries, but I was wondering, aren’t they too young for this? A Kitten can't get pregnant at 5 months old can she?? He can't get her pregnant can he? I can't even get them fixed tell next month, cause they say there not quit old enough yet. What do I do?
They are definitely old enough and you need to insist that your vet does it NOW. If the vet won't call 1-800-SpayUSA to find a low-cost clinic in your area.

They are NOT too young to be fixed!
Doggy Problems, why is doggy licking butt a lot and chewing himself back by his tail?
I have a 2 yr. old Pug/Mix that is always chewing his back side by tail and licks his butt lots. Any clues of wots going on with him? He is beginning to make a soar from chewing on himself so much.If it were allergy, wouldn't he be chewing all over?
Clogged anal glands. Take him to the vet or a groomer, then will express them and clean them out, make sure there isn't an infection. If it happens regularly and you are brave they can teach you how to do it yourself and save money.
My dog cry, and start licking his butt and we see nothing what could it possible be ?
i am sorry that, i had to ask such a question. But my dog cring when licking his butt make me very sad. What do other think it is ?
Sounds like his anal glands.
They may need expressing.
They have two anal glands, one either side of the anus. If they have diarrhoea or their poo is a little runny, then there isn't enough pressure on the glands to release the marking fluid, it builds up and causes pain.
When my Lab starts nibbling and chewing at her bottom, l know it's time for a trip to the vets.
The vet inserts his finger up her bottom and squeezes the glands, which then release all the fishy smelling liquid. If they are infected then she needs antibiotics.
It only takes a few minutes to do. Some dogs are prone to it and need them doing regularly, like my Milly, while some dogs never need them doing.
Why does my dog keep licking his butt?
Yea, we recently went on vacation and came back and my dog keeps licking his butt! My brother watched him over at our house so I know there was no change in environment. It makes this really disguisting sound when he licks it and it's just downright gross. Any ideas why. He goes to the vet regularly and does not seem sick.
Maybe his anal glands are full? Something is obviously bothering him. Call your vet and ask if he or she advises you bring him in to check it out.
My dog has diarrhea and keeps licking his butt?
It just started today and he was licking his butt today. I clean his poop so I know for a fact it started today, hes eating fine, drinking fine, and no pain or anything when I rub on his stomach. Is this like one of those human things that just happens or should I take him to the vet? Any tips to get relief in the meantime? Thanks!
If it just started today and eating/drinking is still fine, I wouldn't take him to the vet just yet. Go to the store instead. Buy chicken, chicken rice and broth. Boil the chicken and cook the rice in the chicken broth. Stop feeding his regular food and substitute it with the chicken and rice (same portion as dry food). If that doesn't work in 24 hours, then I would make an appointment with the vet. I can tell you honestly if I rushed my dogs to the vet everytime they had diarrhea, I would be bankrupt. I never rush them in. I fast them for 24 hours (they're large dogs so missing meals doesn't effect them adversely) at the vets advice then start on chicken and rice. It has worked 9 times out of 10. That one time it doesn't, we go to the vet with a stool sample.

Good luck! Hope your pup feels better soon!
How can i stop my lab from licking her paws and butt?
her paws r really red, its not were the padding is on the bottom its like between that and her elbow i think. and she is always licking her butt. any ideas on what to do?
Licking the paws can be due to allergies, or perhaps even boredom. Dogs that lick and chew themselves often have red where they do this, and it's caused by the saliva.
Excessive licking can be caused by not enough mental stimulation (boredom) or she is doing it to relieve stress.

By licking her butt, I assume you mean under her tail, which can be due to worms or impacted anal glands. If she is licking/biting at the spot above her tail, that can be due to allergies or fleas.
Why does our boy cat keep licking our girl cat's butt?
We have a 2 year old male cat. He's been neutered and has all his shots and everything. We recently (2 days ago) adopted a 4 month old girl kitten from the pet hospital. The vet told us that she has all her shots, is neutered, and has a micro-chip. It has been a day, and he is licking her butt like crazy. Every time we let them interact, he licks her butt. Why does he keep doing that?
My male cat does this as well on occasion to my female cat.

Cat's can get a lot of information from other cats from their butts and smelling their mouth. Age, sex, health, etc. This may be the reason he keeps at it. Hopefully in time he will leave ff but it may take a few days until he is used to her. It is seems to be bothering your kitten then only let them interact for a few minutes at a time.

Good luck.
My dog is constantly licking her butt, what can I do that won't cost a fortune?
She scoots her butt on the floor and licks constantly. It leaves behind big wet spots on my carpet. I know it is probably anal glands but is there a special diet or any other option to help stop it that is affordable for low budget families?
Your dog is experiencing problems with its anal glands. These are glands at the 10 and 2 o'clock positions at the rectum. They exude a very smelly fluid. These glands or sacks can become impacted when the fluid does not flow out. It is painful for the dog and that is why it scoots its butt and licks at it. You need to first have the dog examined by your vet to confirm this problem and then have him show you how to express these sacks. Yes it requires sticking a gloved digit into your dogs rectum and if you find that impossible for you then you will be paying a vet or groomer to do it at regular intervals.
How can I have my doggy to stop licking it's butt hole?
My doggy is 2 years old and he already got his shots and injections or whatever they call it, and he's been acting a little wired lately. He won't stop licking his own butt hole. What is his problem? Is it a habit? Is he feeling something there? Me and my parents are staring to worry cuz it's kinda gross and his mouth is starting to stink because of that and it's unnormal... pleez help (+o+)
It's very normal for a dog to lick his butt. But if he is doing it to the point that it's becoming raw then he probably has worms, which is SUPER normal in animals. Don't worry it can't be transmitted to a human unless you're eating them, so don't freak.
You might want to go to the vet and tell them that he might have worms, and if you leave it too long he can get heart worms, and if that's the case then he can get real sick and die. But they will usually give him a pill called iverhart which will be fine if he hasn't had a heartworm test.
I know this sounds gross but when he poops look at it (and cover your nose) and if you see white little worms (they look like rice) then he has worms and it can be treated. Hope this helps!
What could be wrong with my friend's 2wk old puppy? The mom of the puppy keeps licking and licking it's butt?
And now the butt hole of the puppy is red. I know the mom licks the puppies when they're little but she is really really licking this one. Especially this one.
Sounds like she is singling out this particular pup. My guess would be that there is something going on with this particular pup. Take her to the vet, it could be that this puppy has a bad case of worms or maybe the mom feels it's not going to the bathroom regularly and she is trying to encourage it to go to the bathroom. Either way something is up and she's trying her best to fix it, but unfortunately causing more problems. Take her to the vet and have it looked over. They will be able to figure out what the problem is and tell you what the puppy needs to get better. Good luck.

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