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All Comments

Why are black women booty shaking on youtube?
don't believe me? type in black girl or black booty and you will see. Why do black women degrade themselves like that?
People do crazy things sometimes, and everybody is free to do as they please, they have their reasons, some will say why they do that and some won't, I am sure they mainly do it to attract men, its the only reason I can think of.
Why are we complaining and stereotyping black women booty shaking?
I don't see the problem at all. Especially, when it's a woman with big ole booty. What's the problem seeing a woman doing that? Why are non black women posting videos of them booty shaking now?

BQ: Where have you witnessed someone or a group who started booty shaking in public?
lol, who is "we". You won't catch me complaining about black chicks popping it, locking it and dropping it (in that order of course).
it seems black women love to shake their B U T T S, be oiled up, get N U D E, and do plenty of things with their B O O T Y, to attract good men, but yet, 70% are still single and unmarried even those that have guyren.

On top of that, if their B U T T has so much value, where is all the money the men are throwing at them. why are they getting so little money for their B O O TY
Ignorance is starting early today, huh?

There are plenty of people who are NOT married and are in relationships. They are quite content. There is no proof that there are single people not in relationships. Statistics do show that there are a lot of unhappy married people. Half of those marriages end in divorce. All people, even whites,

Get a life
Brothas only, white boy booty vs. black female booty shaking? Verdict?!?……
Does anyone know the name of this Rap Video with a Black girl shaking her Booty infront of a White guy?
I was wondering if anyone happen to know the name of this rap video? I saw it a while ago but I don't know who the group was that did the video or who sang the song. It had a black woman shaking her butt infront of this geeky looking white guy who looked all amazed at what he was seeing. It wasn't Baby Got Back but somthing else. Does anyone know what rap video this is?
umm im thinking
Ms. New Booty
By Bubba Sparxx
but i don't know i could be any video lol
How do black girls shake their booty's like that?
Like on that video with bubba sparks "ms new booty". I want to shake my booty like that. What muscles are used? what work outs do I do? Its so specific....thanks for the help:)
It has to do with core training. Motion from the center of your body moves like a wave through your body. It requires you to be relaxed and powerful at the same time.
Why do white strippers try to emulate black strippers?
Pound per Pound most white girls make more money in strip clubs in than black girls. So why is it that so many white strippers try to emulate the booty shaking of black girls. And even worse, dance to the same ghetto *** gansta rap? Both of which drive many men with disposable income away from them. Is it because the gansta/thug rap has taken over strip clubs? Which by the way, ten years ago really were Gentlemen Clubs(the men respected the women).
Actually most of them act that way in real life too. It's not that they are emulating black strippers, they have grown up emulating black culture. Not a value judgment on them, just an observation. I don't mind it at all, because the old, white blue collar men with money flock to me and my classic rock over hotter younger girls and their hip hop.
P.S. The industry definitely has changed for the worse. Now even old white guys order me to "make it clap."
How does one do this dance? Black Girl Booty Shake?
They make it look so effortless, and it is NOT! Does this come naturally? I have mastered the belly dance, the pole dance and hip hop, but this is unbelievably challenging. Any advice from those who do this?…
its all in the lower back. just contract your lower back over and over, in low a la seconde plie and hopefully your butt will just jiggle along for the ride. I'm white, with a huge ***, but i can do it.
Can you learn to shake your booty like a black girl?
Because they are sooo good at dancing
I Can Kinda Do It Jus Wonderin If Anyone Had Any Tips To Help Me ......
thankyou xxxxxxxxxxxxx
It's not just a black girl thing! Every girl can do that! =D Just feel the music... and let your bum move, then shake!

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