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What colors are best to wear for black and white photographs?
I'm getting some professional black and white photographs taken tomorrow and I plan on wearing just some jeans or a jean skirt. What color tops would look the best for black and white photos? I

I've had a lot of success with light blues... In black and white photos, light blue fabrics give the softest, richest, shadows, and do not distract or "back cast" onto other surfaces. Go with a baby blue or a few shades darker. White, or very dark colors will create "voids" in the picture that will distract from your face. Wish you the best! Cheese!
What are the advantages and disavantages of black and white photographs/photography?
I'm doing a project on black and white photography and would like your opinions.
What do you think are the pros and cons of a black and white photograph or black and white photography in general?
Pros and Cons for a personal aesthetic? Because this is what black and white is currently.
Well black and white can be harder to work with. You need to visualize tones of the photos and then get those tones- more then just middle grey. With the zone system you want to achieve zone 2-9,(the dynamic range) then the textual zones(3-8). But lets face it, if you were a photojournalist out in a war zone, you're not going to take the time to meter for the zone system. At one time black and white came in higher speeds then color film.
Back to visualizing tones, you have to stand and think of how the tones will fall in the print- you can't rely on color. You are essentially making a different photo.
One man's pro is another's con. It's easier and harder. You have more control over it- at least for film. I'm thinking purely film. Black and white with digital seems to be an after thought.
Where is a good, cheap place to get great black and white photographs of landscapes, buildings, etc?
I would prefer it if it were online so I could just browse then click what I want to order. Anyone know of any reasonably priced websites that offer awesome black and white photographs with various sizes? Thanks!
The best thing to do is to use Google or and search for exactly what you want.
Did black and white photographs and negatives contain silver?
I'm doing a research project involving silver, and I was wondering if black and white photographs contained any silver. Like if the silver tarnished/ corroded, would that have negative impacts on the black and white photographs? Did they coat it with silver or something?
Yes they do.

The dark, translucent portion of the negative is elemental silver

All the detail in the black and white print is elemental silver.

No silver coating is used.

My guess is you have not go so far in your research to take a class in photography so have not experienced how black and white photography actually works
What is the process called when color is added to black & white photographs?
Just curious. I saw one of Stalin and it interested me.
Selective or Partial Desaturation:

Start with a colored image, then desaturate (i.e. make it b&w) certain parts of it.
Usually the actual process is that you desaturate all of it, then bring back color where you want it.
This seems to be a very popular (and over-used) technique in certain circles at the moment.


Start with a b&w image, then add colors of your choice to it.
This is often done to restore old photos.
Well known photographers who take amazing black and white photographs?
Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew any well known photographers who create really affective black and white photographs. I ask them to be well known as I have to know some details about them and the ones I seem to be finding I can't find anything written about them
Please help :) thanks
Yousuf Karsh:…
Richard Avedon:
Lots of classic photographers:
Do I go to a Print Shop or a Copy Shop to make copies of old black/white photographs and color photographs?
Some of the photographs are copies from yearbooks from 50 plus years ago.
It Depends how many you have.... i would buy an "all-in-one" printer and print them myself, those "copy" places prices are crazy (Kinko's, etc), like i said, if you have a few, go ahead, but if you have 50+ you acctualy save money buying the printer/scanner and print them at the confort of your home (unless you have one already, just buy more ink at and save a lot of money)

Good Luck!
Why do Black & white photographs seem more effective?
Say like a picture of a girl ones in colour and ones in black and white why is it that the black and white one will look more professional and gennerally just better.
B/W takes away the 'distraction' of color. The viewers eye concentrates on the subject itself. Tones, shapes, textures, light play, shadows, and depth of field all become more apparent when the element of color is removed.
Each tone in the spectrum competes for our view so removing them all leaves only the core subject to be analyzed. The above mentioned, more subtle elements of the shot become readily apparent creating their own drama.
How to take black and white photographs with just a part colored ?
There are advertisement showing complete black and white photos with only a part, normally eyes or hairs or nails only, colored. How it is done ? Is it photoshop ? How it is done in Photoshop ?
if you have the type of camera with color accent, it could be done that way,

but usually done from color photo, and duplicated to b&w, then parts of color image are copied and pasted, or erased over through layers,

GIMP - Windows installers…
Can black and white photographs be taken with a digital camera?
or is it to do with the actual printing process. Sorry if this sounds stupid, but i want black and white pics of a certain item.
You can take black and white pics with your camera, provided it has a setting for them. Also, most simple photo manipulation software has a feature to change your photos into black and white.

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