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Is there any support groups online for bisexual teens?
I'm a bisexual and I have a girlfriend. Only a few people that I know know that I'm a bisexual. My family is not accepting of the fact that I'm bi. I'm the only one in my family that is a bisexual. So I was wondering if there was any online support groups online for bisexual teens. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! :)
I'm not sure about a support group, but i use which shows all the members who live in your area, a chatroom to talk to others, a dicussion board etc. The discussion board is good, there's a section for every topic and there's loads of other people in the same situation and can help if you have any questions.
Hope that helped :)
How to get involved with bisexual teens in my area?
Hey so I'm 14 years old, I'm bisexual and Im in the closet. I really want a girlfriend or a boyfriend. I don't know anyone who is bisexual, and I want to get to know people who are.
I really want to get started with my love life.
But I think it will be hard cuz I'm not out of the closet yet. :(

What is the best way to go about this?
idk, but i'll be your friend
Me no have any gay/bi/lez friends.
(I'm 13 n a girl)
How can I find Bisexual teens in my area ?
My name is Emily im 13 and Bisexual , I don't know where to find people like me online or near me .
I live in Derbyshire !
Please help !
You haven't had much good advice here so far and I can only give limited advice as I have little knowledge about this. I can say many teens are confused about their sexuality so you're not alone and many think they may be gay etc. at an early age but later find out otherwise. Some know straight away from as early as 6 (like my old best friend did) and others figure it out when they are adults (like my ex girlfriend). You're not alone in your feelings and you're not a freak regardless of what the other Muppet's here said.

About meeting other bisexuals....if you have any youth programs/centres around your area then they may be able to help you talk about it and you may meet others like yourself there but most importantly, it should be safe for you to do so. I would definitely avoid meeting people who you've talked to on-line because it's simply not safe without a parent or guardian to make sure you're OK.

You may be able to find some advice in the link below but be careful where you end up. Good luck.
What's a good website to find other bisexual teens?
I'm only 16, but I really want to find a website to meet other bisexual people my age.
To the first comment. That's rude...Just because you aren't bisexual doesn't mean you have to go around picking on other bisexuals. Gawsh. Yeah, any site has bisexuals. You just have to find them. Some might blurt it out that they are. And some just might keep it to themselves.

I'm Alex and I'm fourteen. I'm pansexual which is kind of like bisexual except pansexuals like everyone. :D
Where is a good place for gay and bisexual teens can chat?
Im a 14 yr old boy that is bi and have friends that are all straight. There is no one that i know that is going through the same situation i am going through so if there is any chats or places young teens go to please tell me thank you.
I am a 15 year guy old, and I am in the same situation as you. Feel free to send me a message if you would like to talk.
Are there any websites I can talk to closeted bisexual teens?
I'm bisexual, I know if I tell people that all my friends will hate me so I'm wondering if its worth it and would like to speak with others in my situation?
Yes, the LGBT section of Yahoo Answers...
Were can I talk to other gay and bisexual teens online?
Im a fourteen year old bisexual guy. I want ta know where I can find other gay or bi guys online? So anyone know?
Where can i meet other bisexual teens in my area?
i live in brighton and before you ask i know your going to say, "how cant you find anyone", but i don't know how to meet up with other lgb teens in my area. please don't suggest the gyc because ive been on it for a while now and it's not helping, so really instead of being on my PC and browsing websites, are there any groups that you know of in the brighton, east sussex way.

Or look for a local LGBTQ organization.
Best places to meet bisexual teens in a city area?
I live in a big city, but I can't help but feel more alone. Any ideas?
i honestly don't know.
im bisexual too and i wish they had like a place to hang out for teens of the LGBT community.
well in college i'm going to join the gay-straight alliance so i'll meet people there.
Where can I find bisexual or gay teens?
What are some websites to meet gay or bisexual teens in your area. I just became bi and want to meet guy teens
you aren't born that way. I'm bi curious, but I never thought about guys before age 9. After I had my first oral, theennn I became bi curious. Oh, I just saw your other post, ur 14 and bi curious, thats fine then, I'm 17, but I have friends that are 15 and 14 so its cool. email me,

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